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Hoko means 'path', that which was by taken by Joaquín León at the beginning of a crisis that is still ongoing. With thirteen marathons and many kilometers of mountains in his legs, he is a runner who manufactures and not a manufacturer who runs.

He opted for doing things differently: he reinvented formulas in order to offer technical sports clothing that would be truly outstanding in terms of quality and functionality, and he put it on the market without the high cost of raw materials and production being reflected in the final price. This was and remains the rationale behind Hoko.

But this formula is missing a key variable: YOU, because you have become our best ambassadors; because it is you who are making us successful.

How do we produce functional, high quality garments?

  • We are athletes and as such we do things thinking about what we ourselves would look for in a garment.
  • Our garments are subjected to an intensive testing process with top athletes; they are the ones who test the material in the most extreme conditions.
  • We listen and respond to your needs.
  • We create fabrics from scratch, developing them specifically for each garment.
  • We work with the finest raw materials, which are the highest quality in their class and that offer us top performance.
  • We use seamless technology, which allows us to digitally control the fabric type required in each area of the garment, changing from one to another without seams.
  • We manufacture here, which allows us to control the quality of all processes, and act quickly to introduce improvements and place new garments on the market.

The result, garments of exceptional quality that meet the requirements of functionality demanded by athletes. If we were to follow the "marked paths", the price of our garments would exceed those considered high-end, given that our production costs are higher. But in keeping with our values, we have chosen to offer the best quality at a fair price, changing formulas in other areas as well.

So how then are we able to maintain reasonable prices?

  • We reduce costs in everything that does not affect product quality and customer service; in other words, in everything that does not add real value.
  • We have equipped ourselves with an efficient structure that has been created gradually, based on demand and not vice versa.
  • With a different model of distribution, based primarily on direct sales, thus reducing the number of intermediaries.
thanks for joining us on this path